Training Clinics ~ FAQ

Training Clinics ~ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What should I bring?

A. You may want to bring a chair, something to drink, clothes suitable for weather. Also have a way to contain your dog; leash or kennel. We will have everything for working.


Q. What should my dog know before attending a clinic?

A. General obedience and manners is good, but not necessary to participate


Q. How old must my dog be to participate?

A. We can test a dog at any age on gentle sheep. Some dogs that are under a year old will not have herding instinct yet. We can advise you as to when your dog is ready for training.


Q. Can any breed of dog participate?

A. Yes, we work with all herding breeds


Q. Do I have to attend for the entire clinic?

A. No, you can come anytime during the clinic hours.


Q. Do I have to pre register for the clinic?

A. No, you can register when you get to the farm. If possible, send an e-mail letting us know that you are coming


Q. What is a nursery trial?

A. The nursery trial is for dogs that are fully trained on the open course (minus the shed), that are under 36 months or younger, on or before Dec. 31 of the year previous to the Nursery Finals. You must be a member of the USBCHA and the trials are for dogs trying to get qualified for the nursery national finals. This is NOT for beginner dogs.


Q. Is is OK for my children or other family members or friends to come?

A. Yes, there is no charge for spectators. We ask that children please stay with their parents and not be allowed to roam around the farm.